Really, Who Are the Brittons?

Who are the Brittons?

Well, we’re all Brittons, all of us are. At least in this house.

Monty Python aside, we’re David and Katherine Britton, a couple married just long enough to wonder if we’re still newlyweds, and this blog is a semblance of our adventures together. He’s a special ed teacher and serial hobbyist with a quirky set of humor, while she’s a copywriter with a side of DIY/novice runner. She’s the starter; he’s the completer. He’s the investor; she’s the pennypincher.

So you can imagine what that means for our adventures in rehabbing our new-to-us, previously-foreclosed Cape Cod from the inside out — we’re always working on a budget, and we’re always interested in what’s next. Besides that, we love spending time with our family and friends here in Richmond, hiking in the Blue Ridge, hanging out with our church, and finding new answers to the question that daily plagues every working couple :

“Honey, what’s for dinner?”


3 thoughts on “Really, Who Are the Brittons?

  1. Take it form a 70 year old who’s wondering why he didn’t do what you guys are doing with your financial planning. You’re a very wise couple!! Keep it up. Can I be one of your kids?

  2. I recently read your piece on “7 Things Not To SAy to a Grieving Person.” I am a Facilitator at my church in Arlington, VA, and I am responsible for our Grief Ministry. I would like to use your article while teaching our Deacons how to deal with persons who have recently experienced loss due to death. May I have your permission to do so, and to duplicate portions (or the whole piece)of the article for distribution during the training?

    Deacon, Mount Olive Baptist Church

    • Hi Bernard, I’d be honored. Please bear in mind that I’m no grief counselor, pastor, or psychologist, and these are all things that I found to be true in my own experience–others might certainly be different, based on feedback friends and others gave me. But if you find it helpful, by all means, use it!

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