One Sentence. Every Day.

I didn’t mean to say, “Oh hey, world, I’m gonna have a baby” and then disappear for two months. It kinda happened, and based on the drafts I have stored up, it’s clear I haven’t been slacking. Just not finishing.

Worthy of sharing, though, is a concept I was introduced to last year and have habitually practiced since then–the one-sentence journal. I’ve become even more consistent since the early winter, so I thought it’d be appropriate to share. Although I guess the original idea should be attributed to the Happiness Project, I’ve found it particularly valuable as a writer. Part of what keeps me from writing regularly is the desire to express ALL THE THINGS ALL AT ONCE, and, well, that’s a bit overwhelming.

Meanwhile, in my day job, I’m constantly fighting to boil ideas down to their core benefit or concern, which forces me to hone my commercial writing. In a journal, that same idea makes me think before blathering, while also eliminating the pressure for precision and expansiveness. It’s a beautiful thing, and probably spares ye old blog a few posts. A few insights since March in lieu of a post follow.

March 22: Gram’s memorials service was today–made me wish I had known her in her prime. Also, there’s a total difference in the memorial services when someone was almost 102 versus almost 53.

March 23: Felt definite baby movement after my 2 a.m. trip to do what all pregnant women do in the middle of the night. So there’s that.

April 9: “Ran” the Monument 10K as usual, though I stuck a “Baby on Board” sticker to my back as an excuse to the people who passed me (never mind that we really didn’t train). Why? Stubborn. Tradition. Fun. Commitment to continue doing things I love–even if they’re a bit harder–with baby in the picture. If not now, when?

April 15: I got tested for Celiac exactly one year ago today–on the same day as the Boston marathon bombing. Perspective.

April 19: We took the “big” bike trip today across High Bridge Trail in Farmville as part of Dad’s birthday present. It was so wholesome to see him laugh freely for a little while. He pranked us into thinking he’d sneezed his glasses over the edge of the 75-ft bridge. Bless him.

April 23: Today is such a loaded date. My little brother’s early death, a friend’s birthday, other friends’ anniversary. And today is actually the 10-year anniversary of our first date, when David somehow talked my dad into the idea of prom. Awkward, sweet, and still memorable. April is the cruelest month–but not every year.

April 25: We challenged ourselves to spend zero dollars except on essentials this month (because taxes, tuition, and new car last month). Resetting habits is good, but April, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

May 5: For the last time, my dear Facebook friends, I’m pregnant–not disabled. Your unsolicited comments on my fitness ability are gratuitous, though well-intentioned. In other news, hormones seems to have lowered my tolerance levels significantly. Bah humbug.

May 6: I want to welcome doubt as adolescent truth finding its winding way home.

May 15: Blessed is the man who greets his wife at the door with macaroni and cheese.

One (or two) sentences to remember and crystallize. And give me an excuse not to practice anything resembling long form.


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