Orange You Glad (We’re Back)?

There’s an inverse relationship to the amount of content one has to blog and the amount of time one has to actually write. I’m sure there’s some strange Internet axiom about that, somewhere, though I’ve never seen it alongside Godwin’s Law. Anyway, rather than bore you with all the details, let’s just say the end of the school year mobbed us with commitments and we’ve been recuperating quite happily this summer. But we have made time for some lovely adventures.

For starters, we took a mini beach trip with my family mid-May. I managed to split the wiffle ball in half when we played on the beach, effectively winning the game (I’m pretty sure that’s how it works). It’s crazy that my family now has enough people at the right age to play an even game — I remember years of 5-year-old twins having meltdowns mid-game because they’d been at the beach too long. Can’t say I missed that!

There was lots of wind and chilliness going on that weekend. But aren’t my parents cute?

We even dragged ourselves out of bed for the sunrise.

I committed to keeping my DSLR in manual mode this weekend, and am happy to say that one picture in 100 turned out stunningly. Haha.

And of course the trips to the Mathews cottage continue… and now that my SIL and I both have sweet cameras, we’re having a lot of fun with light painting and such.

We spent some lovely evenings with friends, including a Friday on Brown’s Island for Dawes/Sara Watkins.

We also took on church music (funny story…), a bathroom remodel (thanks leaky toilet), the Monument Avenue 10K with Joe and Megan (did you know mayonnaise is a great pre-race food?), and lots more. But the pictures most worth sharing are from just this past Saturday at the epic Color Me Rad 5K, when some friends joined forces with us to constitute Team Orange You Glad. It’s best explained in before and after pictures (and no, I did NOT risk my DSLR at this event).

Before the 5K and colorbombing:

After the 5K and colorbombing:

It took me 45 minutes to desmurf after the event (and there was blue earwax for days… no seriously), but it was totally worth the memory and the pictures. Plus I ran into some of my favorite local bloggers, who were super gracious despite my incoherent excitement at seeing them. I have to laugh at myself too because I would have run very far away from this race back in highschool, when I was rather a Miss Priss. Now, I’m the one who drags David to this kind of thing. Maybe I’m learning to take myself less seriously, eh?

Kudos to everyone in Richmond who added some color to their life this weekend!


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