Gunning for the Holidays

David and I have a lot of family, which gets tricky to juggle this time of year. But it also means there’s a lot of love and laughter.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family this year, meaning we also spent time with both sets of my grandparents and their extended family. There were a lot of us (and this is only my mom’s side!). See what I mean?

And yes, there much was laughter (and eating).

And then there’s the annual Coffey family tradition of target practice after dinner. Ahh, the sweet sha-schink of a shotgun. We added pumpkins to the targets this year, and everybody from my grandmother to my little sister (below) took aim. Isn’t she cute with her .22?

We repeated the reunion process with my dad’s family as well (just half an hour from my other grandparents, but unfortunately the pictures aren’t stellar), and helped that set of grandparents put up their Christmas tree and decorations. Watching them grow older and less capable is… a challenge. I feel like I just started really appreciating all my grandparents and then life throws a curveball. Youth is wasted on the young once again, I guess.

So what am I thankful for this year? First of all, that we both have family to love and be loved by, without the deep rifts some families experience. Second, for the opportunity to go back to someplace that reconnects me with where I come from. And third, for the chance to experience it all again in a month. Yay Christmas!


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