Ladies and gents, my husband is officially going to grad school!

For those of you who know him, this should prompt an eyebrow raise as you wonder what the last 2.5 years of classes have been for if not grad school. Fair question. David graduated college with teaching certifications in social studies and technology only to end up teaching special education, which requires a whole ‘nother license within three years. So he had to get his license first, and NOW can finally apply to grad school for education administration. Education for education lacks a linear path, yeesh.

Anyway, David’s finishes his licensing classes this semester, so he decided it was time to take the MAT (Miller Analogies Test) for grad school next year. He passed it with room to spare and got a good enough score to qualify for membership in several hoity-toity lists and “organizations” that we regard as absolute baloney. So he got a kick out of the idea that he could give people money to tell him he’s smart (I tell him that for free). Being David, he had a great time joking about it while I was making food for our small group’s Thanksgiving feast. Our conversations went something like this:

“Hey David, how much does sugar does that recipe call for?”
“Hmmm, let me read it to you… WITH MY MIND!”

“Hey David, can you cut up those carrots for me?”
“Why yes I can. I’ll need something sharp, so let me cut them… WITH MY MIND!”

“Hey David, you ready to go?”
“Of course… WITH MY MIND!”

His mind is rather amusing.


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