I Think I’ll Go to Boston (And…)

Richmond is an awesome little city. But cozy places start feeling cramped if you don’t get outside once in a while. We’ve adjusted to the autumn season pretty well, and our schedule is once again full. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, sometimes the crazy gets to us, as does the travel bug. We’ve haven’t escaped far together, but we have plans. Oh do we have plans.

We did manage a short trip to Charlottesville with college friends, and I’ll plug central Virginia again for its proximity to so many awesome places. We only made it to one vineyard (Jefferson Vineyard), but there are a slew of wine trails around here that make a great weekend trip. Besides, we had a great time listening to the tour (apparently the digs for a captured British officer in the Revolutionary War were pretty sweet) and passing judgment during the tasting. But as always, the best part was sitting down and listening to each other’s stories, especially with the blue mountains behind us and chicken salad and cookies in front of us. Side note: Charlottesville is stink bug central during September!

I also took off when some girlfriends at the end of October and finally, unlike the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, finally made it to Boston in the fall. If you aren’t familiar with the song, go listen. Now. I’ll wait. You need your pirate fix, go!

Now you can have the song stuck in your head all day just like I did.

We hit the season just perfectly, with all the beautiful colors of fall — and a healthy dose of snow overnight. Three cheers for my constant friend Bethany, who convinced us all to celebrate her birthday with a ton of style.

I have really beautiful friends. Happy birthday Bethany!

We did the traditional Boston stuff with Harvard Square, Newbury Street, Mike’s Pastries and such, but also fit in salsa dancing, lots of amazing coffee shops, and Mt. Auburn cemetery. It. was. breathtaking. And I mean it was beautiful as well as cold.

I have so many favorite moments from that trip. Like when we were huddled out of the rain in Faneuil Hall eating pastries and looked up to see guy dressed as Luigi making out with a chick who was certainly not Princess Peach. Or watching Bethany’s new iPhone constantly autocorrect “LOL” to something way better thanks to her brother. Or watching Kate rock the fur while Bethany rocked the leopard print and I just giggled. Or discovering the gnome doors at the Fairy Shoppe. Or looking out over all of Boston from the very top of the tower in Mt. Auburn. Yeah, that’d probably have to be it.

The incredibly talented Tori Watson of Marvelous Things Photography took a ton of amazing photos this trip. I need some of them in my house soon, so stunning!

What a great trip with great memories. Love you Bethany!

And don’t worry — David enjoyed his own adventure that weekend, which involved shooting clay pigeons out in Cumberland. He was quite alright with that.

After I arrived safely home in Richmond and the familiarity of home, everything always seems a bit fresher. Who knows if I’d feel that way were I traveling all the time, but our travels are infrequent enough that we  get the benefit of reveling in the sheer newness of it. And so, we are declaring our intention to go traveling together this coming summer. Who knows where, but our eyes are back on Europe, hopefully in Switzerland or the Netherlands or anywhere in between.

We joke that we only travel in even years, because so far it’s true. In 2006, it was the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and that ridiculous experience with friends in the Waldorf Motel. In 2008, it was the fairytale proposal and “Je suis désolé” in Osny and Paris, France. Plus Vermont that summer for Ben & Jerry’s. In 2010, hot hot Houston and San Diego. So clearly, we’re fated for 2012. We have a couple plans underway to keep the costs down, and I want folks’ feedback on those soon! I like our plans, but even better, I like knowing that there are more adventures in store for us together.

“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.”G. K. Chesterton


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