A Slice of Bambi Tastes Delicious

David has a romantic approach to hunting. Old-school romantic. And it finally paid off.

I pretend to blame his friend Jesse for making me a hunting widow during bow season, but in reality, it would only bother me if David tried to draft me into the “fun.” I’m glad they enjoy sitting still in the freezing cold for hours on end, but I’m quite content to leave this hobby to the menfolk while I sweetly sleep in past 5am in my warm bed. Besides, I can’t actually manage the bow’s pull.

Like I said, David and Jesse practice a very romantic view of hunting — they only use long or recurve bows (apparently compound bows are for sissies, because they’re far easier to work with. Their view, anyway). Jesse refuses to even put a scope on his hand-crafted longbow, though David has compromised his hunting integrity in this way.

Well, the compromise worked. David was pretty excited.

After multiple misfires last year, David won himself a yearling deer the first day of this season. Jesse had to help him track the deer for a mile or two, but apparently even a, uh, rump shot will work in the right circumstances.

So now we have venison in our freezer.

We made an agreement that if he would clean the deer, I would cook it. Pretty sure I got the better end of the deal, and God bless pinterest for copious recipes. Jesse’s wife Ashley ventured into venison first though, so I played it safe and used her recipe this time. Quite tasty, and I actually preferred this roast over beef thanks to its leanness.

Next on the menu: peppered venison loin with berry sauce. Followed by Bambi burgers. This could get interesting.


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