A Golf Cart Bon Voyage (Or, My Sister’s Wedding)

So this one time in August, my sister got herself married.

It was quaint, a little country, and absolutely lovely.

I had just begun a new job a couple weeks beforehand (hence the lack of posting about blessed event), but still got to help out with last-minute errands the day before and day of. You know, like figuring out how to make a cake stand out of a stump two hours before we were scheduled to meet the photographer at the church. And I loved it.

Aren’t they adorable?

My lovely friend Kristin Sweeting photographed the occasion, which means she’s been part of every Peters wedding to date. She sang in my wedding three years ago, which made her participation even more precious this time.

Oh yeah, and here’s that cake stand:

Fear with me a power drill. Actually, it's just a lazy susan top with a couple of shims and a deck screw.

We took pictures outside the church (established in the late 1700s) to some beautiful scenery.

Then we blew some bubbles, wrapped their golf cart in tin foil, and wished them well. It made a sister’s heart glad.

I love weddings.


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