How to Host a Hurricane Party

It’s been a while. We’ll blame David, who didn’t blog during my “adjustment period” at the new job. The good news is, we’re still alive even though we had to weather a hurricane in the interim.

Now, I’ll post a caveat — I know Hurricane Irene was no laughing matter for folks in Vermont and other places that encountered widespread flooding and damage. Even Richmond experience hundreds of tree-through-house incidents, though thankfully no deaths or serious injuries. But for many of us, Hurricane Irene was just an exercise in sniffing out the last candles in town when we suddenly realized our lack of non-electric lightning. So, no disrespect intended. Irene was just a crazy kid who led to a memorable evening.

One of Irene’s more amusing results was the plethora of “hurricane parties” we were invited to attend, as it seemed EVERYONE WE KNEW was hosting one. We were too, because really, who in their right mind was going to leave their house and go attend someone else’s party in a hurricane? But by 3:30 in the afternoon, we were some of the only folks who still had electricity. The phone calls and text messages (darn you electricity for forcing us into a decade-old technology!) started to look like this:

“Uh… power just flickered…”
“We still have it. Chili for dinner.”
“Uh… it flickered again…”
“We’re having baked potatoes too.”
“Dangit, it’s been out for ten minutes, I think it’s out to stay!”
“Dinner’s ready.”
“Uh… can we spend the night?”

Shortly thereafter, we had seven people (including us) gathered around the kitchen table for a hot meal, ImagineIf, The Lonely Island shorts, and ridiculous idea sharing.

So if you want to host a hurricane party, unfortunately I can’t give you much advice. Your hosting skills are externally determined. Because for hurricane parties, the best party is the one that happens with the lights on.


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