The Editor Becomes the (Copy)Writer

So let’s see. We threw a party, I threw out my back, David threw together lesson plans, and someone threw me a job offer. And I caught it. That about summarizes July.

As always, summer is tripping through our midst but not inclined to sit down. The startling pace has precluded summer ennui, but I find myself rather wistful for the doldrums right now. Even vacation has gotten swept away in the ever-breaking waves. Nonetheless, we’re pleased with the opportunities and thankful for daily mercies.

To explain, David hasn’t had much of a summer break yet. He finished up the regular school year, spent a couple days detoxing, and then jumped into logistics prep for a summer school session. He spent several days calling and collecting students with no guarantee that he’d be teaching them, then found out on a Thursday that he’d be in the classroom with them Tuesday. So he rather quickly commenced the mad preparation to teach all of World History I in two weeks, while I shambled around like a lopsided zombie because I woke up with my back completely messed up (at least I got a devotional out of it. The last one I ever wrote for, actually. But more on that in a minute.). Despite the last-minute nature of the experience, we’re both glad it got him back in a regular ed classroom. As wonderful as he is in the special ed environment, that setting only uses one set of his talents. And he DID get a degree in history education, after all. He’s looking at a future in administration, so the chance to reconnect with other kids and teachers was a welcome (if whirlwind) opportunity.

And now I can finally speak on the record about my job search — because it’s over! I’m leaving Salem after three wonderful years and an exciting nine-month stint as the editor, and “bittersweet” doesn’t touch the feeling. I’m leaving my position as an editor in a mid-size company and moving to a copywriter position at Richmond’s largest private employer (who happens to be in the banking industry). My last day here is Wednesday, and I jump in headfirst as a copywriter on Thursday.

My heart is still here, because of my fantastic colleagues and the challenge of steering a project as big as (so much better than BibleGateway. Seriously, you should check out BST, so many more resources). Most of me would like to stay, because Salem is known, predictable… safe. And as I’ve said before, I really think I landed the dream first job, and I’m so thankful for that. But three years out of college, it’s just time to pursue new opportunities. I get a little shiver of excitement as I think about starting fresh in a new industry. So I’m putting on my big girl pants and saying adieu to the familiar, with my hat off to excellent people and the commitment they have to building great brands. Here’s to something new.


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