While We Were Gone, Part 2

Photography is such a funny little art. It requires a person to move from the intimate, participatory circle to outside that circle, to the more aloof role of an observer. It’s an oxymoron, really — you have to put a slight distance between you and the subjects to really notice and catch the personal touches. Very strange. Yet at the same time, that step back makes you notice things you might not have noticed before, and now you can share them with others. In other words, I’m working hard to understand the basics of my new-to-me DSLR while making sure I put it down sometimes and just enjoy being an active participant as well.

The effort is certainly worth it.

I cajoled David’s aunt into getting out the crab pots over Memorial Day, which meant I was the one responsible for slipping the blue crabs from cages to steaming pot. A little unnerving, and no I’m not sharing pictures of that. I do, however, have this picture of David’s niece, E, as she learned how to eat aforementioned crab.

I love this face.

David’s nephew J also had some fun with his food.

A week later, we joined some Grove City College friends for the Morgan Run hike, which we managed to make 13 miles instead of 9 (um, directionally challenged). But our halfway point was this awesome swimming hole.

I asked our friends to take a picture of us on the big, flat rock above, and this is how David interpreted that request:

Week after that was my birthday, when David was much more of a gentleman and took me to The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing.

Thoughts on the Boathouse: fantastic food, but don’t ever, ever go on the weekend even with call-ahead seating. But the visit can be redeemed with vistas such as this one.


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