The Month of Weddings: In Case of Rain…

Great, I’m a wedding behind now. And this is just a small taste of how wedding photographers must feel. I tip my hat to all the incredible photographers who sort and edit myriads of pictures as their chosen vocation.

On April 16, our friends J and A finally tied the knot in Richmond. J hid his feelings for his future bride for years, as he helped lead A’s youth group at the end of highschool. He finally confessed his undying love and devotion when she reached college, and the rest… well, when two people love Star Wars, Chris Carrabba, and crafty hobbies as much as they do, it’s meant to be.

This wedding was definitely the most intensive for us, as we got to help with pre-wedding craftiness and we ended up hosting the groom the night before the big day. For starters, J and A were attempting a budget-friendly affair and ordered cupcakes instead of the traditional tiered mass, but really missed the idea of a real cake. So we got creative. After a couple nights of cutting, drilling, sanding, painting, and hot gluing, here’s what we came up with:

A three-tiered cupcake stand, topped with a Oreo cake, topped with Han Solo and Princess Leia holding hands. Not bad, right?

The only snafu in the wedding — and it was a big one — was the deluge that appeared on their wedding day, forcing a location move indoors. Kids, make sure you have a backup location. In this case, the backup was the reception site, which worked just fine. There was much running around and shouts of “WHERE’S MY UMBRELLA” in the process, but David got the groom to the venue without either of them forgetting a tie or a belt or anything like that. Whew.

The heart-sinking moment for me happened in Sam’s Club a couple hours before the wedding, when I dropped by the bakery to pick up the 150 cupcakes on order. The dear, dear lady behind the counter said, “Britton? Britton? I don’t think we have an order for Britton…” even though I KNEW we had ordered the cupcakes on my account a month prior. Commence palm sweating as she started poking around and pulled out a batch of garishly colored birthday cupcakes as the “only cupcake order she knew of.” Thankfully a much-more-informed lady also showed up to help and knew exactly where the appropriately-colored goods were. *Cue giant sigh of relief* Crisis averted. So we partied.

David photobombing friends A and S, who get married at the end of MayLovely ladies! So much fun to see new and old friends collide.THE KISSSuch a fun wedding with so many friends. Sure, every wedding is special, but this one especially tugged my heart strings because J and A waited so long, so faithfully, and so expectantly. I mean, they were ready to get married after their second date. It made watching them start their lives together that much more amazing.

And they're off... still in the pouring rain!

We went home and slept off the effects of wedding madness for a couple hours, then reunited with other wedding guests/friends for the after party (which included pancakes. A big thanks for feeding us, guys!). We rehashed the humorous moments of the wedding and just did the hangout thing. And that, too, was amazing.

I realized during this wedding that, hey, we really have a community of friends in Richmond again. So many people we knew stayed in the city while we left for four years, and I left just when I was starting to form stronger bonds with people. When we came back a couple years ago, it seemed like the struggle to balance new work/new spouse/new life plus reconnect with friends (and those who had joined the social circle in the meantime). I’m still grateful for my girlfriends that I can hang out with individually, but I remember being desperate for a community that could include us as a couple and really know us.

Three years after graduation, I can look around and realize… we have that community. Funny enough, David’s old highschool buddies also married ladies who don’t share their husbands’ background. I do a little, but more often than not I’m only recognizing names, not personalities. This history detail is just another small mercy, as it’s given the wife club a reason to bond outside of shared history, when our husbands discuss their crazy highschool antics we didn’t participate in. And still more friends have moved to Richmond and joined the circle, expanding my horizons and my joy. There are just so many amazing people that we get to call our friends, and I’m just thrilled to see God’s hand in it. Sure, life is busy, but it’s also charmed. So to all of our awesome friends and acquaintances who made this wedding weekend special — we love you guys. Thanks for investing in us and being the awesome people you are. Love, Katherine


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