The Month of Weddings: Savannah!

I got a bit carried away with the news in my last post, so allow me to explain what I mean by this title series. Here’s our schedule this month:

April 2: Katherine at her cousin’s WEDDING! in Savannah, David throws a bachelor party for a friend in RVA
April 9: WEDDING! prep with friends J and A. David creates a tiered cupcake stand, Katherine modifies a pillow for the ringbearer.
April 10: WEDDING! dress shopping with the sister. Dress POTENTIALLY found.
April 16: J and A’s WEDDING! extravaganza
April 23: P and K’s WEDDING! extravaganza
April 30: Take a break from WEDDINGS! and go paintballing with the youth group

To demonstrate the point:

My cousin leaving her April 2 reception with the new hubby!

I think you understand my meaning now. Apparently our friends and family too anxious to wait until the traditional wedding seasons of June and August, so everybody decided to get married this month. Sure, we’ll probably be sick of the Cupid Shuffle by May, but it’s great fun to see so much happiness stuffed inside one month.

Anyway, we kicked off the month of weddings with an old-fashioned roadtrip to Savannah, Georgia, where my cousin got married in one of the most simply elegant ceremonies I’ve attended. The blessed occasion was also my sister’s fiance’s introduction to the whole. big. family. Kyle won major props with his congeniality in spite of 30-some new faces and names. He also deserves accolades for keeping the boys’ hotel room in order and hurrying up my impossibly-slow-moving twin brothers. Seriously, how does it take anyone 10 minutes just to turn the shower on?

As far as Savannah is concerned, I have a new favorite city. This is partially due to Savannah’s complete lack of those detestable pine trees, which are as prevalent as weeds in Virginia. I didn’t get nearly my fill of window shopping and trotting about town (we were only there for 36 hours), but we did get to experience River Street. What a fabulous combination of Nashville’s artsy culture with the feel of RVA’s Fan and Williamsburg’s history. We met extended family at Moon River Brewing Company for lunch (good, nothing special), and indulged in icecream back on River Street while listening to a bluegrass band. My siblings (bluegrass mavens most of them) were in heaven.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held in two of Savannah’s lovely squares, and my cousin really couldn’t have wished for better weather. We had a blast with the extended family, too, as her wedding gave everybody a carefree vibe to just kick back and laugh. This half of my extended family is scattered all over the country, and we only see each other once a year, so that’s a huge deal. Really, the “Vitamin C” had only a very small influence on how much fun we had. But it did have a little.

And by the way, I come from a really really ridiculously good looking family. My cousins and sisters are just beautiful people, no way around it. See?

Making the trip with just my siblings, sans parents, had a bittersweet feel. We missed my parents being there with us (Mom didn’t have the energy due to radiation and chemo), but it afforded my siblings and me a unique opportunity to spend time together as peers. Even my youngest sister is a teenager now, so the authority structure of big sister/babysitter is no longer necessary. I suppose I was still the schedule taskmaster, but overall we just enjoyed each others’ company and let events happen as they would. I would have loved for my parents to share the weekend with us, but the siblings experience had some great moments.

The past few months have reminded me how beautifully wide our lives can be. Even my family struggles on one side, we experience happy times too. Trials involve some dark nights, but the sun still rises. The human capacity for emotion is big enough to rejoice with those who rejoice even as we mourn with those who mourn. In fact, it seems our burdens weigh less when we put them in perspective — in seeing that weddings still happen, the sun still shines, and God still affords us moment of joy.

Oh, and I would like to tell you how the bachelor party went. Apparently there was much pipe smoking, wood chopping, log heaving, and conversation having. And Moon Kitty. I heard it was a success, and my house was remarkably intact when I returned. And that’s all I have to say about that.


One thought on “The Month of Weddings: Savannah!

  1. Katherine! Just wanted to pop in and say I’ve been skimming through your blog. Congrats on fixing up the house, and hope you’re very, very happy in Virginia. (This is the former Alie Lee from GCC, now Alie Angell!) You’d think you were a Grover with all these weddings;). Take care!

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