The Month of Weddings Begins!

Well, the month of weddings is off and running. That’s really the only way to describe the events of the last few weeks.

To start with, I have a PSA: MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! That dear girl I shared a room with, fought with, sang Disney songs with, and convinced to dig under the swingset for dinosaur bones is in fact getting hitched, and we couldn’t be more excited for the sister and her fiance. Amy and Kyle are aiming for an August wedding, which (of course) means wedding planning is in full swing.

Here they are being all cute over two years ago:

Sweet, huh?

And here they are a couple weeks ago after the bling appeared:


Sweet indeed.

These two have grown immensely because of each other, and I can’t think of a more perfect ending than for them to spend the rest of their lives together. For me, as the older sister, it’s also fun to see my relationship with my sister jump to another level — our relationship as friends has evolved a crazy amount in the last five years, and it’s exciting that we get to share yet another life experience (yay marriage!).

David and I are also excited to act as best man and matron of honor (respectively) — a humbling and slightly mischievous undertaking for us. Here’s hoping I can add just enough encouragement, a heaping dose of help, and only a smattering of opinion when it comes to dresses (the hunt is on). Amy and Kyle, we love you guys!


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