Upping the Contrast

Success! Friends, miracles do happen — we gave away the black futon and David allowed me to discreetly remove his beloved plaid couch to the shed (until it goes up on Craigslist for some other soul interested in a free couch). The replacements have actually been in our house for about a week, but I figured you’d all want to see pictures of the new additions to the Britton chateau. Now everyone say “awww!” Aren’t they cute? You can even add a “coochie-coochie-coo!” for effect if you’d like. No judgment.

Here they are, right at home!

Complete with way too many pillows -- that pink/green striped one came with the chairs, and desperately needs to be recovered!

Ah... much more soothing with those pillows borrowed from the living room.

I wish I had a before shot of the room, but alas, the futon departed before I thought of it. For a comparison though, the plaid couch used to reside in the same place as the loveseat and was the same length, though slightly shorter and not so deep. The futon took up the whole adjacent wall (blocking the windows) and was almost twice the length of the oversized chair and just as tall and deep. Paired with the dark gray walls (which we love), the arrangement neither fit the room nor did the colors flow well. Now, with all the extra white and saved space, we’re both (yes, both) happy the plaid loveseat and futon are gone.

See what I mean?

[Please imagine a photo of David’s old, forlorn plaid sofa moping in his shed]

This new furniture is yet another Craigslist find. I love that the site actually brings us into contact with some great people and leads to some great moments of connection, in addition to the material benefits. But I digress, as the real point of mentioning Craigslist is to mention the deal we scored. The couches – which are filled with down instead of foam, by the way – originally cost upwards of $1,200 at Havertys. They were advertised in barely used condition (we couldn’t find a single spot on them and they sit like new) for half that price, and we brought them home for even less. One hundred bucks less than the “rock bottom price” the lady gave us when we walked in, actually. There really is something to be said for the psychological affect of walking in with your budgeted amount in cash and offering to buy the item on the spot for that amount. Friends have told stories about essentially naming their price with the green in hand, and I believe it. I guess it’s a combination of folks not wanting to let a serious buyer get away mixed with a desire for immediate gratification. Whatever such a decision means for the human brain, I’m just happy to be on the receiving end of a deal.

Also, a word of explanation on why we chose white. Believe it or not, the color is remarkably practical for furniture… because it’s all slipcovered. The IKEA chairs in the living room are as well, meaning everything can be taken off and bleached if worst comes to worst, which it probably will someday. Plus, the white lets us get away with some kind of crazy colors on the walls while still giving us a touch of that clean, airy feel.

The new furniture already makes a huge different in how the downstairs flows, and I think a few color-coordinated pillows will finish the job. I’m no seamstress, but pillow covers are just about the easiest thing in the world to create and make such a huge difference in the feel of a room. Besides, given the girly pink/green/yellow/baby blue stripes on the pillows that came with our new furniture set, I have nowhere to go but up. I just might attempt something like these rosette pillows from Target or these 3D creations from my cousin Megan. Either way, this room is going to be reformed. And we’re on our way!

One detail — this pictures were taken with my old Canon Powershot. But that’s all about to change…


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