A Decor Do or Don’t?

Well, the new furniture is here and it completely changes the downstairs dynamic… unfortunately, I just don’t have the pictures yet to prove it. But there’s a good reason the photos have been delayed, which shall soon be revealed.

In the meantime, I’m pondering what to do with the awesome gray color we have in our den. I want to lighten it without repainting the whole room, which means I’m coming up with ideas that are probably over my head. To wit, I’m contemplating “art” painted directly onto the walls. And since the inspirational Kristen Davis is in Atlanta, I might be the one wielding the brush. Yikes. Here’s the inspiration:

Birch tree wallpaper -- too trendy to last?

Or something more whimsical:

Maybe this should stay in a kids room...

But this is my favorite interpretation:

Distinct, calming, and a bit more sophisticated... do we have a winner?

It’s not exactly… traditional, and I’m not sure I have the gumption to follow through. On the other hand, the design could be more temporary if we spill a few beans for a wall decal instead of paint. Speaking of “we,” I should probably let David in on my scheme at some point soon.

Our goal is always always always to create a space that feels inviting, comfortable, and functional rather than a design that feels unapproachable and prevents people from “settling in.” Maybe that’s why bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside appeals to me — some of our greatest memories involve hikes in the woods with friends. We’ve been caught in downpours, forded through gullies, crossed broken bridges, done a little bouldering, even found a geocache several miles off the path when we weren’t looking for it. So, rather than filling up floor space we don’t have with huge plants, maybe a 2D tree will find its place on our walls as a fun reminder of the adventure right outside our doors.

Our gray walls are a bit darker than the ones in the last picture, which means the design would pop even more in our house. Sounds like some cheap artwork to me…

What’s the verdict? A design do or don’t? Would you go with white paint (assuming you have the confidence) and just paint over it later if you hate it? Wall decals?  C’mon people, I need some feedback on this one.


3 thoughts on “A Decor Do or Don’t?

  1. DO!
    Especially the third option. Sure it’s not traditional, but with warm-colored quilts and throws, you can make it look like a cozy retreat, while your tree art reminds you of how great God’s world can be.

  2. third option def.!!!!!
    if you find a decal you can’t live without then I would do that- other wise I would go for the paint 🙂 and with that it won’t take over the room unless you want it too 🙂

  3. I have no comment whatsoever on your decor dilemma, but whenever you and David are up for adding to that outdoor inspiration, let me know!

    Fair warning: my hikes keep getting more ridiculous. The downpour scenario clearly not enough, I recently wound up on a hike just upwind of the start of what proved to be a major forest fire, which I foolishly assumed to be a controlled burn despite the day’s high winds. Fast forward two days and I’m back in my Richmond office getting a briefing from the State Forester about the devastating, out-of-control “Coffman Fire” that I had been watching with interest while hiking.

    I hesitate to speculate on what else lies in store on future hikes, but if you two are willing to risk it, just say so!

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