A Few Fine Feats of February

It’s been a zany couple weeks at the Britton chateau, but I have returned with storied tales of valor and mischief. Well, how storied depends on your point of view. We’ve enjoyed some sweet moments even as we juggled church activities, house maintenance, work, and increased family responsibilities, and I’m immensely thankful for the moments when we get to step back and smell the roses. Literally, as David gave me a small potted rose bush for Valentine’s Day. I managed to kill the one he gave me last year, but we’re hoping that was a fluke attributable to The… well, you know.

David also rocked Valentine’s Day with dinner at home, featuring the most amazing kabobs I’ve ever tasted (bacon-wrapped rib eye, it’s pure bliss) and uglifruit. He also had a signature cheesy card for me, featuring a single-punch holepuncher on the front — inside, holes outlined a heart, and the kicker: “I love you a hole punch.” *cue groans and simultaneous laughter.* Given my slight anxiety about making donuts, I preferred this turn of events. I was also thrilled to enjoy a Valentine’s Day meal during which I could actually hear my date above the clanking and clattering of a restaurant. We think I have an ever-so-slight hearing loss from when I was little, and I noticed it most in crowds, where I will frequently miss the punchline unless I’m also watching the speaker’s mouth. I think more dinner-at-home dates might be in order.

Because David is a romantic at heart (he hides it well), we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Week instead of just Valentine’s Day. So on Thursday, we finally took advantage of a LivingSocial deal we’d been meaning to use since August. Thus we found ourselves at Peak Experiences, wearing harnesses and staring up at 50-foot rock walls and discovering that – surprise! – the coupon was for a belay class. We still need to go back and take their certification test, but apparently the staff thinks we’re capable enough to climb up vertical services without killing ourselves or letting each other die. How comforting.

The evening actually boasted two memorable moments, one featuring David’s crazy luck and one my fear of heights. So far as heights go, rock climbing isn’t a big deal to me since there are plenty of footholds and a solid wall to lean against. Now imagine something called “The Leap of Faith,” which involves climbing up aforementioned wall to a small perch, turning so your back is to the wall and jumping for a trapeze bar several feet in front of you… and hanging over 30ish feet of nothing. David was watching when I reached the perch and said I had a mildly crazed look in my eye. But by golly I jumped and caught the darn thing. Still, definitely an exercise in trusting the belayer if you miss.

The other moment of the night involved a raffle, as we happened to be there the same night as a large party and reaped the benefits for free. The staff gave away all kinds of stuff, from Clif bars to t-shirts to several pairs of climbing shoes. A bright orange chalk bag caught David’s eye, and he promptly told me, “I like that. I’m going to get that.” I had just enough time to say “maybe” before they were calling out “David Britton, is David Britton in the building?” Under the circumstances, I’m not sure if David won the bag or magically claimed it using his mind powers to push the raffle ticket into the drawer’s hand.

If I can’t have ridiculously good luck, at least I’m married to someone who does.


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