Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Blue Monday may be a couple weeks behind us, but I’m tap-tap-taping my foot for spring to get here. Christmas is over, I’ve been snowboarding (and conquered the blues!), and I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Though, speaking of that holiday, David has decided that we are attempting donuts again on February 13 in honor of The Fire. However, we’ve decided that this time we will not burn down the kitchen, just to be ironic. Please say a prayer.

Also, I would like to conduct a highly scientific poll among friends. David never ceases to wonder that my hands are colder than the ambient temperature of our house. Yesterday, however, David was stunned to find that my lack of warmth was even more profound, as he discovered that my feet actually made a cold spot under the electric blanket. Yes, the blanket was working. All I can say is, global warming only conjures warm fuzzies in me.

Hence, the poll. The hypothesis is, women are more likely to freeze to death than men. Since the dead are rather uncommunicative, we’ll just settle for polling which spouse has the colder hands. Trust me, this is important. Slate just dedicated a whole article to the question, after all.

Calvin's snowmen are afoot!


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