A Dash of Color

The past week has been a (pardon the cliche) emotional roller coaster for us due to some family issues. To keep my mind off the craziness, I keep gravitating towards fun pops of color around the house and in photos like this one:

Megan tried sushi while she and Joe visited recently — now that’s courage. (Megan, please forgive me the photo, it’s just too happy to exclude!)

Also, I finally got my craft on several weeks after spotting an awesome set of vintage Richmond-themed coasters. The set featured an old map of the Richmond area spread over four tile coasters, but they also came with a boutique price: $40. Not happening in this house. So I came up with an alternative:

Amount saved: $35

I scrounged around Flickr to find photos of (clockwise from top left) the Three Days in April exhibit on the James, the bridge pinnings from underneath Belle Isle, Main Street Station’s clock tower, and the Byrd Theater. A little Mod Podge, $0.16 tiles, cork, and scrapbook paper, and voila! Richmond coasters. No vintage map like I hoped to find, but I’m in love with these for the $5 they cost to make. I’m highly considering making another set for wedding gifts, seeing how many friends are getting married in the next couple months.

By the way, the complete tutorial is on stylemepretty. I’m not a crafty person usually, so believe me when I say anyone can make these. Now if I can just get David to use them…


4 thoughts on “A Dash of Color

  1. I love those coasters! If I ever get digital prints of my Richmond B&W’s I want to try that out.
    Craft date next October. Put it on your calendar.

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