Why We Don’t Go on Dates

We didn’t exactly meet iceskating, but the act of careening around a frozen rink with dull blades attached to our boots does have a place in our story. For that reason, this quaint pastime holds a special place in our hearts. Downtown Richmond opened its first outdoor rink this season, so of course we had to go. Or at least try.

Chalk up this loosely-planned date in the “try” category.

To start with, the rink is connected with another Richmond establishment, Centerstage, which is connected with ANOTHER Richmond establishment, Landmark Theater. For that reason, the rink’s webpage had two “Directions” links to the two different locations. I managed to miss one of them entirely and assumed that bright destination dot on the GoogleMap was the skating rink. Silly me. As we jumped in the car, the conversation went something like this:

“So you know where we’re going?”
“Yeah, it’s right across from the Landmark.”
“Okay, how do I get there again?”
“Uh, let me look that up on your smartphone.”

After 20 minutes of circling the Landmark and Munroe Park, we realized that the rink was not across from the Landmark. It was, however, right across from Centerstage, several blocks over and up. And it was now half an hour before the rink closed. And it was now snowing those huge, wet flakes that I associate with southern snow. It’s hard to stay grumpy in that kind of snow.

Outside the rink, which is right by Centerstage and across from The National. NOT the Landmark.

We did eventually reach the rink and saw it full of people, but for some reason the doors were locked early. Strike two, but by this time we were both covered in snow and didn’t really care. We were too distracted by our new ability to slide down the city sidewalks. We looked at the $10 admission+rental price tag for the remaining 20 minutes, shrugged our shoulders, and slid our way back to the car.

The evening definitely wasn’t a total bust though — we decided to stop and give Forest Hill Park a little winter cheer. Our snowman wasn’t exactly conventional thanks to David (the head looked like something off Easter Island until we made “eyes” and found a “pipe”), but there was something delightful about our flippant accomplishment. Kudos to David for a strong measure of spontaneity that salvaged the evening. Love that guy.

P.S. I promise I’m putting together a real house post on the kitchen. I keep forgetting to take pictures when the light is good among other things. Coming, coming…


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