We Fish-Ewe A Mare-Egrets-Moose!

Weeeeeeeee fish ewe a mare egrets moose
We fish ewe a mare egrets moose!
We fish ewe a mare egrets moose panda hippo gnu deer!

Thanks David, for getting that stuck in my head all season.

Anyways, happy holidays from our chateau to yours. We wish you a big helping of spontaneous joy and childlike wonder during this this fabulous merger of cultural, religious and traditional significance. May your days be merry and bright, and may your husband never try to choke the Wise Men with the shepherd’s crook.

Mirror image crooked smiles! We were MEANT for each other!

I guess this picture merits some explanation, doesn’t it? Today David is decidedly NOT a crafty person (he has been known to smile and nod and then fake his own death in order to avoid holiday crafts. I jest not), so you know these little angels were not created after we got marriage. How then did we come to have two handmade ornaments from the same pattern? Well, David actually make his, although he wasn’t really enthused about it. And I made mine separately, although the abundance of glitter should tell you that I haven’t made paper angels in years.

What actually happened, as best we can figure out, is that our mothers attended the same Community Bible Study hub when we were little. That meant we were in the same kids program, albeit in different classes because of our ages. That means we must have done the same craft, which one of us apparently enjoyed far more than the other. And for some reason, we both saved those angels in our boxes of ornaments until we got married. When we were decorating our first tree together, David unearthed his angel with that quizzical, “Just-why-do-I-still-have-this-ornament” look and asked what I thought about keeping it. I did a double-take. And squealed. And found mine.

So here we are, three Christmases after getting married, and the silly paper angels have won an annual spot on our tree. That’s actually pretty impressive, since we both had something like 50 ornaments to contribute to our 5-foot tree. I know it’s just coincidence because we both grew up in Richmond. Still, I can’t help but see God smiling to himself as I slathered on the glitter and David was reluctantly persuaded to glue on a couple sequins. It’s just a simple, fun reminder that the Lord directs our steps even before we know it.


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