Making Good on “That Blog Thing”

Whelp… here we are, aren’t we?

I’ve been pestering David about “doing a blog thing” for months, throwing out various names and themes and topic ideas while he’s tacitly nodded along. Each conversation as ended with some variation of David saying, “Okay, so let’s do it,” to which I’ve sputtered, “But… but shouldn’t we THINK about this? I mean, it will be speaking for both of us, so I want you to have a say. So what do you think of…”

And round and round the merry-go-round we’ve continued.

Today, however, David apparently got inside my head, so here I am to roll out the new-fangled Britton blog. In the end, the running Monty Python gag our last name often inspires in conversation just couldn’t be ignored any longer. So even if you’re not a Britton, we’d like to extend a welcome to our little chateau in Richmond, and say thanks in advance for putting up with the nonsense that will probably ensue. We’ll certainly include our DIY exploits and attempts at our work-in-progress Cape Cod, the ordinary adventures of living in our cherished Richmond, Va., and the random mishaps of life as a young couple living close to family. Thanks for getting excited with us — it’s going to be fun!

So… guess I should get cracking on that post about our new kitchen, hmm?



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